Message to Educators

To our educator community,

Thank you for your emails, tweets and posts about our recent update and changes to the Tellagami app. We value all feedback from our fans.

We’re thrilled that educators like you are using the Tellagami app and find it valuable to use with students. It was created as an entertainment app, and we’re delighted to help support creative ways to use technology in the classroom.

It saddens us, however, and it’s a hard reality, that fans expect apps for free without regard for the amount of time, effort and cost that goes into creating great apps. We’re a small bootstrapped startup and developing free apps is unfortunately not realistic. We value our relationship with fans and have been very straight forward by communicating that the Tellagami app would be free for a limited time only and a promotional period which we extended several times. This always appeared as the first line in the app description on both the App Store and Google Play.

We’re also mindful that educators are using Tellagami in the classroom, so we intentionally did not force registration to use the app and did not include in-app advertising which supports many free apps. We spent a lot of time deciding how to price features so that the majority of users can still use the app. We solicited feedback from many fans especially educators and the consensus was to have a mix of free and purchased options rather than charging for the whole app with no free options. We opted to offer some features in the app for free and others as in-app purchases. We also altered the text-to-speech (TTS) feature to resolve some past stability issues by using a different TTS vendor which forced us to change this feature to an in-app purchase.

The Tellagami app is a product that involves multiple vendors, developers and team to support it given the complexity of the app. In the end, we’ve created a product that people can use for free in some form and Tellagami is absorbing the majority of costs. There are still many free features!

The harsh ratings and comments on the app stores related to our recent in-app purchases hurts the education community by discouraging app developers from continuing to create great products that can be used in the classroom and including educator feedback in the development process. There is nothing more discouraging to our team than to read that an app that we have put so much time into creating and enjoyed by so many is now a disappointment just because it is no longer completely free.

Thank you for your understanding and hearing our perspective. We welcome your continued feedback at and hope that you continue to use the Tellagami app in some way.


Team Tellagami

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